The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families is a non-profit children’s mental health treatment centre.  The agency hosts a number of local, national and international programs which share a common goal - to better the lives of children, youth and families across the country.  

Welcome to Parenting for Young Parents was adapted by The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families and the following agencies. It is based on the Phoenix Centre program Welcome to Parenting program

Algoma Public Health is committed to supporting healthy communities by providing a continuum of quality health services throughout the Algoma district.  Services for pregnant and young parents include programs such as: prenatal classes; you and your baby program; young parents connection; community kitchens; Triple P parenting program; Grooving and Moving; Mother Goose; Kids Have Stress Too; and Make the Connection program.  Other health services for pregnant and young parents include home visiting and sexual health programs.

Best Start Ontario's Maternal Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre provides support to service providers across the province of Ontario who are working on health promotion projects to improve the health of expectant parents and their young children. The Centre provides workshops and conferences, resources, consultations, and subject-specific information.

Brighter Futures for Children of Young Parents is a CAPC project in Ottawa for pregnant and parenting youth and their children. Supports and services are provided for parenting, child development, housing, food security, schooling, health, nutrition, life skills, relationships, personal development and counselling. Specialized programs are available for infant mental health and young fathers.

Columbus House is a non-profit organization that provides services to improve the quality of life for youth living in Renfrew County.  Services include a residence; a young parents support program; high school support program, life skills and more.

Humewood House is a resource centre for young pregnant and parenting women in Toronto, Ontario. Services are available to help young women give birth to healthy babies and transition into motherhood.  Services include pre and post-natal residential services, transitional housing, life skills, childcare, a high school program and counseling.

Jessies—The June Callwood Centre for Young Centre for Young Women is a multi-service resource centre for pregnant teenagers, young parents and their children in Toronto, Ontario.  The following services are available: counseling, health services, prenatal classes, parenting groups, housing support, respite care, high school education, parent child centre and more.

The Peterborough Family Resource Centre provides information and support to expectant parents, families with children from birth to age 6, and child care providers living in the County and City of Peterborough, Ontario. Services and programs include well baby clinics and programs such as parent education, parent-child programs, and many more.  The Centre is the designated Ontario Early Years Centre for Peterborough Riding, and the local site of the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program and Community Action Program for Children.

St Mary’s Home is a social service agency that provides programs and services for young pregnant women, young moms and dads and their children in Ottawa. Services and programs include: a residence; adolescent clinic; childcare; counseling; school and programs for healthy pregnancy and birth; parenting; young dads, and life skills.

The Vita Centre is a charitable organization dedicated to providing community support to all young pregnant and parenting women in Peel. The following services are available: counseling, life skills program, mom and baby parenting program; supper connection for pregnant youth and young parents.

The Youville Centre provides services and support to help young single mothers to provide a brighter future for themselves and their children.  Services include counseling;  an accredited high school education program; child care; drop in centre; programs for young dads; parenting groups and support; onsite health clinics and many other services.