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Kellie Walden is a member of the senior management team at The Peterborough Family Resource Centre, a comprehensive parent resource centre which is the designated Ontario Early Years Centre for the Peterborough riding and the local site of the Canada Prenatal Nutrition and Support Program and the Community Action Program for Children. 

She is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant whose focus has been on maternal/child health particularly in the area of parent/infant attachment and breastfeeding. She has been with the Peterborough Family Resource Centre for the last twenty years in various roles including childbirth educator and staff nurse in the well baby and breastfeeding programs.

Currently she is responsible for the management and supervision of the School For Young Moms, an academic and wrap around parent support program for pregnant and parenting teens as well as a number of parent education programs, supports and services run out of PFRC’s six family hub sites.

Kellie has been actively involved in the planning, implementing and evaluating of a number of comprehensive pre and postnatal programs in the Peterborough area.