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Karon is a Registered Nurse in the Province of Ontario. She manages The Welcome to Parenting program which is a prenatal and infant parenting education program. It includes an online series of prenatal and early parenting classes for expecting parents or parents with a baby from birth to 12 months. Parents in this program have access to an online parent educator, a panel of experts and can connect with other parents at the same stage of parenthood.

Karon has over 38 years of combined nursing and teaching experience. She is intimately familiar with the needs of expectant and new parents through her work conducting prenatal and parenting classes, supervising prenatal classes and working with parents as a public health nurse and childbirth educator. As a parent of two daughters, she has experienced the joys, excitement and challenges of parenthood.

In her role at The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families, she provides expertise in prenatal education, maternal infant nursing, adult education and curriculum design. Her responsibilities encompass supervision of the project staff, supervision and training of teams of parent educators, promotion of the program and curriculum design of The Welcome to Parenting program.